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There’s no question that a stack of fresh pancakes is awesome, but what about one giant fluffy pancake? Today we learned mixing a batch of pancake batter in the bowl of a rice cooker and then cooking it, just like you would when making a batch of rice, creates one great big floofy pancake that instantly reminds us of Totoro’s belly.

What’s more, just like regular pancakes, you can add all sorts of things to the batter, such as cocoa powder or pieces of fruit and chocolate, to further enhance your adorably plump tototorcake.

Head over to RocketNews24 for complete instructions as well as some helpful tips and suggestions.



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tiglapocalypse asked: how i would describe your art: dream-like and with a great use of color! what your art reminds me of: you! if that makes sense xD what i would like to see done: seeing anything by you is always amazing. what i like in your art: i love your backgrounds, also your art is very detailed i like detail. what i dislike: nothing, all is good :D. what do i think you should work on: i'd be interested in seeing more about your ocs :)

<3 !!!

I melt when anyone what’s to see/know more of my OCs. ;u;

They have gotten overlooked a lot, so I tend to get a bit sadden and they show up less due to this..

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when you draw a character so much you memorize their design and you dont have to look at a reference


when you actually look back at the reference and realize youve been drawing them wrong the whole time


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Eternal Reefs

A way for someone to recycle their body and help marine life. Eternal Reefs transform human remains into artificial coral reefs for marine life. They help restore the fragile ecosystems off our coasts, providing an environment that supports coral and micro-organisms.

The idea was that of two students at the University of Georgia in the 80s. The idea to help came to them when they were diving off of the Florida Keys on break and saw all the deterioration and degradation of the reefs and decided to do something about it.

You can be useful to the environment even after death.


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